Aura Tea X Purecane

Aura Tea X Purecane

We get it, being a fit queen is hard, especially for us bubble tea lovers. With so many calories being milk tea and the toppings themselves, so many of us have found that enjoying a cup of boba a couple of times a week is simply not it. We at Aura Tea have also had the same issue, which is why we created our company with the mission of serving every cup of our boba sugar free and plant-based. That means every cup is under 100 calories. From our tea, to our non-dairy products to our toppings, we keep health in mind at every step.

In many instances, sweetness is heavily associated with the word “unhealthy.” This cup of super sweet jasmine bubble tea? Probably super full of calories and sugar. But no one enjoys a cup of bland tea. (Nor will anyone buy one.) And a lot of the time, healthy drinks just don’t...taste that great. Purecane is an important part of Aura Tea’s drinks because they are the reason why we can serve delicious and sweet drinks minus that “Holy sh*t, I need a run after this drink” part.
We use it to sweeten our tea and toppings and without them, we wouldn’t be able to stay on our company mission of keeping our Day1s happy and healthy.

Aura Tea’s first product line was our classic oat milk tea. We started in 2020 with our first 44 calorie signature cup of tea, ranging from oolong tea, fruit teas, and even matcha. Lactose intolerant? Don’t worry, you can have Aura Tea, as each drink is served with dairy alternatives. (Oat milk FTW) With each cup of “milk” tea, we made sure that each one was keto-friendly & low calorie but also delicious—all guilt-free thanks to Purecane.

Then, we introduced our coffee line. With the expansion of our products to coffee, our Day1s were able to experience caffeine with a healthy twist — such as ginseng and lavender infusions. Each cup is meant to caffeinate, but also offer some de-stressing and energizing benefits. Through the way, we always ensured each drink was delicious through using Purecane products to sweeten every cup of coffee to our customer’s liking.

So, next time you’re working on that hot summer bod or taking a work break, don’t hesitate to satisfy that boba craving. That’s right! We use Purecane’s latest zero-calorie Brown Sweetener to coat our pearls in a sweet, guilt-free syrup. Which is why Purecane is at the heart of Aura Tea’s drinks. And of course, an important part of Aura Tea’s mission is to give everyone access to a healthy and delicious cup of bubble tea.

Finally, our newest addition to the Aura Tea product line is our BOBA BOX sweetened by Purecane (duh). Through our boba kits, our Day1s are able to experience the deliciousness of Aura Tea drinks right at home. Each kit contains our ingredients to each of our favorite drinks — from some classic black “milk” tea to a choco-latte, we got you at every step. With every box, you’ll also get exclusive access to our Purecane based recipes. That means taking your favorite cheat day boba creation and making it your daily fix.

Welcome to the new wave of bubble tea and coffee.

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