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We’re making
Sweet right.

At a time when diabetes and other sugar-related health problems are on the rise, many are turning away from sugar-loaded diets to sweeteners that are missing that delicious sugary satisfaction.

Derived naturally from sugarcane, Purecane™ is an exciting taste of a world where you can have the sweetness you love, without the calories or health risks.

It's not magic

It's not magic.
It's natural!

We assembled a team of the world’s leading food scientists, and discovered a unique type of fermentation that produces a no calorie sweetener.

Our team tested thousands of yeast strains to find one that combines with sugarcane to produce a sweet zero calorie ingredient. In nature, this ingredient is called Reb M. We call it a mind-blowing, mouth-pleasing miracle.

Sweeter for you

Sweeter for you
and the planet.

Traditional sugars and sweeteners use petroleum-dependent manufacturing processes and bleaching agents, with byproducts dangerous for people and the earth.

Purecane™ depends entirely on natural fermentation. That means virtually zero waste (we’re almost there!) and no toxic health risks. The icing on the healthy cake? Purecane™ is made from sugarcane grown sustainably in Brazil. And so is the box! But we don’t recommend eating it–trust us, it tastes just like cardboard.

Pure beginnings.
Incredible Possibilities.

So how did it all start? In 2003, our parent company Amyris was born. The company started out of a grant to develop a patented technology, allowing us to create an accessible cure for malaria. Out of that grant, Amyris has gone on to save millions of children’s lives with this treatment.

Today, Amyris continues to develop pure ingredients from sustainable sources that tackle a range of problems, naturally. And that’s how Purecane™ was born. We hope to continue making the world a sweeter place to live in.


Michael Hung


Working with Purecane™ was a great experience. As a chef, I appreciate that it is a naturally derived product with great flavor. As a longtime diabetic, I was happy to find a sweetener that works for my dietary and health needs.


Simon Majumdar

Cook, TV host on the
Food Network

The real pleasure of using Purecane™ is that you gain all of the natural sweetness that makes food so delicious and lessen the negative effects of sugar. Its ability to be used wherever sugar is used makes it a genuine alternative and a ‘must’ for every health-conscious kitchen.