What are tips and tricks on finding easy self-care?

5 Tips: Sweet Self-Care

What are tips and tricks on finding easy self-care?


Make time for the things that bring you happiness

1. It can be tough to step away from work, responsibilities, and so much more in today's world. That is why you must find things that bring you joy in your daily and weekly life! This can be as simple as a designated time out of each day for you to listen to your favorite music, audiobook, podcast, or maybe a yoga class with your favorite instructor virtually or in the studio. Depending on your day, perhaps it's baking your favorite sweet with the ones you love or finding time to take a walk to reset and ground down.


Make time for the things that bring you happiness


Find routine in the AM/PM.

2. Find your authentic routine that works with YOUR schedule. When you find consistency in your day, it allows you to find comfort in things you can count on. These little routines can be a habitual favorite morning beverage sweetened with Purecane or the nightly recap routine of your 5-step facial cleanse, a good book, or your favorite binge-worthy tv show on Netflix, whatever it is. Allow yourself to find at least a few consistent routines in your days!


 Find routine in the Am/Pm


Eat healthy and guilt-free

3. Wow, these seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, right? Well, think again! You can eat healthily and well for your body while also enjoying the foods you are eating. This can lead to eating more fresh foods or finding healthier alternatives starting with everyday uses like oils, sweeteners, drinks, snacks, and more! Know that leading a guilt-free healthy lifestyle starts with making small, manageable choices and introducing natural alternatives rather than swapping into harsh diets. Purecane is a great starting point to reduce the number of sugars in your diet and the calories, and the best part is, it's naturally derived from sugarcane, not like the Splendas of the world that taste nothing like sugar! A product you can enjoy in all things like drinks, savory foods, baked goods, and more.

Eat healthy and guilt-free


Stay hydrated.

4. As humans, we are about 60% water, which means staying hydrated is a huge requirement for the body to work appropriately and happily. Did you know that to remain at a regulatory pace within your body or stay hydrated, you must drink up to or around eight glasses of water a day? If you do not, your body can endure severe stressors like headaches, lightheadedness, fatigue, extreme thirst, and confusion, to name a few! It can be hard to track your water intake daily and can even feel like a chore, so why not make it yummy and delicious? We agree with doctors that water is the best option for hydration. Still, sometimes a little help is always excellent, especially when it tastes great and has even more benefits like vitamins and added super fruits! Our electrolytes do just that by providing 30x more electrolytes than water which can help you to not only stay hydrated but can help you build an immune defense with the great daily vitamins, zinc, Vitamin B + c, and more. If water isn’t your go-to, think about leveling up the taste and potency with our yummy zero-calorie, sugar-free electrolytes!


 Stay Hidrated


Move your body.

5. Getting active has never looked so easy! It is essential for you to feel good and get the blood pumping, and you don't need to do some crazy wild exercise or workout class to do so! There are so many great options for you to move your body, and it can start with walking outside your front door. Taking at least 15 to 30 minutes a day to stretch, move, walk, or get any blood moving can help the body's overall health, the heart, lungs, muscle, and bone health, and you guessed it, mental health, and stress levels. Moving your body provides so many benefits and can lead to so many more wellness additives when you just start to move. If you need an idea to start, here are a few. Begin by going for a quick walk around the block, maybe ask to walk a friend's fur baby, or listen to a fun playlist you love or an audiobook; perhaps it looks like a free virtual class online. There are so many options nowadays to move your body, and walking is just the tip of the iceberg! Get up and get active for yourself and your body!

Move your body

Have a happy and healthy day!

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