5 Ideas for A Healthy Galentine's Day Gathering

5 Ideas For Galentine’s Day Gatherings

Whether or not you’re coupled up this month, February is about more than romantic love. It’s a chance to celebrate your pals and besties who arguably complete us in ways our romantic partners can’t. Galentine’s Day won’t be taking over the holiday aisle at Target anytime soon, but don’t let that stop you from carving out some time to celebrate your besties.
We've even created a Spotify Playlist: Sweet Galentines to get you started!

Today + Tomorrow Cookie Swap Idea

Today + Tomorrow Cookie Swap

Each attendee makes up a batch of cookie dough, baking ¼ of them and dividing the rest into freezer bags for sharing. Jot the baking time and temp on the bags.Everyone gets to enjoy some cookies today and have some in the freezer for the future when they need a little comfort fix courtesy of their Galentines.

Our freezer-friendly cookie picks:

Complete it with a make-your-own fancy hot chocolate station:

Add A Soundtrack to complete the mood. This one from Amazon makes it easy!

Host a champagne & chocolate fondue night for your Galentines

Champagne & Fondue Night

Chocolate Fondue

You don’t need a fondue pot to make this work. A mini crockpot and some cute food picks will also do the trick.

  1. Melt one bag of semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips and 2 cups of heavy cream in a pot on low. Stir until completely melted. Give it a taste test for sweetness and stir in a ½ tsp of Purecane Spoonable Sweetener if it needs a touch more sweet. Transfer to fondue pot or mini crockpot.
  2. Fill one platter with bite-sized fruits. Classic crowd pleasers are strawberries, blueberries and bananas, but we also love pineapple, tangerines and cherries.
  3. Fill a second platter with bite sized brownies. This sugar-free brownie recipe is a great choice. Hot tip: freeze the brownie bites before serving to help them hold up better for dipping.

Use some cute wooden heart picks or fondue forks to dip treats in the chocolate and oooooh & ahhhh away.


Serve with bubby garnished with fresh strawberries. Some great bubbly picks:

Light some of those pretty candles you've been saving for a special occasion, dim the lights and queue up this Mellow 70’s Gold Playlist to set the scene.

The Brunch Bunch

Host an early Galentine’s with a Sunday Brunch. Whether you’re covering the whole spread or gathering with shared dishes, it’s a laid back way to spend time with your lovies. Our brunch picks:

Add a beautiful drink menu for celebratory feels. Our picks include:

Grilled Orange Wine Spritzers or White Wine Sangria to take advantage of the seasonal citrus fruit bounty and add delicious color to the table.

Borrow our go-to brunch album by Jack Johnson if you’re hungry for some tune-spiration.

Grown Up Tea Party

Lay out the special linens and pretty tea cups along with some dainty treats like Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes, Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies and Lavender Cupcakes

Some feel good classic rock would make a nice background track and this one from Amazon is an easy pick.

Words With Friends

Bring a digital favorite to life with a Scrabble game night. Add in some interest with different rounds such as no words greater than 5 letters, bottom half of the board only, or 7 turns and highest score wins. 

Feed the fun with a brownie board with fan-favorite recipes including Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie Hearts, S’mores Brownies and a classic Fudge Brownie.

This evening calls for some quirky tunes, so consider the Marvelous Mrs, Maisel soundtrack.