5 Ways to Combat Your Mid-Afternoon Slump

5 Ways to Combat Your Mid-Afternoon Slump

*Yawn.* We’ve all been there. The clock hits 3pm and your brain and body decide they’re shutting down for the day. For many, that mid-afternoon workday slump is inevitable, but with most of us cooped up in makeshift home offices, lounging on the couch seems more inviting than ever before. That’s why the Purecane™ team collaborated on five super quick and foolproof ways to avoid that midday mini crisis and to keep those 3pm yawns at bay. The best part? They require minimal effort!

1. Take an Afternoon Walk

There are a million excuses to skip this one...trust us, we know (and have used) them all! Moving your body and letting fresh air into your lungs (as little as 15 minutes a day) not only wakes you up, but will also improve your focus, relieve your stress, and help break up your day. If the weather is chilly, bundle up in your favorite winter hat! If you have a 12:30pm meeting, take a later lunch break (or call in from your walk)! If you consistently work through your lunch breaks to power through your day, opt instead to work a few minutes later in the evening so you can take a quick midday refresh! Even changing up the rooms or the areas of your space that you work in can help in switching up the scenery. Always work at the kitchen table? Try moving to the couch!

2. Brew a Cup of Coffee or Tea

Sometimes, all we need to turn our day around is a little bit of caffeine. Drinking a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea in the early afternoon can give your brain the teeny jolt it needs to finish that looming project and tune out distractions. Did you know the best time of day to consume caffeine (except for the morning, of course) is between 1pm - 5pm? However, it’s best to stay away from caffeine in the evening, so your sleep isn’t affected. If you know you’re one of those people who will be up all night if you have caffeine in the afternoon, try a cup of decaf! The simple ritual of drinking coffee or tea (whether caffeinated or not) can be meditative, giving your brain the reset it needs to tackle the last few hours of your day.

Of course, we recommend avoiding an afternoon sugar hangover by sprinkling Purecane™ all-natural, zero calorie sweetener into your coffee instead of sugar. Shop our adorable Individual Packets and Spoonable Canister now!

3. Switch Gears

When you’re editing the same presentation all day, you’re gonna get bored quickly. While we know the feeling of “crunch time” all too well, switching projects for even a half hour in the middle of your day gives one part of your brain a break while also stimulating another part. Just watch out for flipping back and forth too often...too much multitasking can be detrimental to productivity! Tackle that to-do list one small chunk at a time rather than devoting an entire day to one task.

4. Don’t Skip Breakfast

They’re not kidding when they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether your go-to is a flavor-packed smoothie, classic omelette, homemade pancakes, or trendy avocado toast, seeking out energy-boosting, protein-packed foods make your morning hours your most productive. Even grabbing a protein packed granola bar for on-the-go mornings is better than skipping breakfast altogether!

Looking to reduce your sugar intake? Substitute the sugar in your favorite breakfasts with Purecane™ Baking Sweetener, which has a 1:1 ratio with sugar!

5. Tune Into Your Favorite Mood-Boosting Playlist

You know the one...your go-to sing-in-the-shower, windows-down-sun-out playlist. We’ve all got one (or two). And if you don’t, today’s the perfect time to make one! If you need some extra help, Spotify and Apple Music have you covered; both services have tons of happy, uplifting, brain-stimulating playlists you can quickly search and start enjoying within seconds.

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