5 Tips For A Happy & Healthy Holiday with Diabetes

5 Tips For A Happy & Healthy Holiday with Diabetes

By Megan Roosevelt, RDN & Founder of HealthyGroceryGirl.com


Happy November! We love celebrating the Holiday season, but did you also know that November is also American Diabetes Month? During this month, the American Diabetes Association works to shed light on what it is like for people who have diabetes by working to build unity and thrive together. One of their main areas of education is showing people how to balance nutrition, engage in physical activity and manage mental health. A great place to start with nutrition is learning to balance blood sugar levels.

What is Blood Sugar?

Blood sugar is the primary sugar found in your blood. Another term used for blood sugar is known as glucose. Glucose is your cell's preferred energy source, which is then used to perform a variety of functions throughout the body.

Why Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Matter

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is essential because a prolonged imbalance may lead to diseases such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, weight gain, hormonal problems, or even vision problems. This imbalance could also lead to the development of Type 2 Diabetes. For those with Diabetes, it is essential to maintain levels for your body to function correctly and avoid rises and crashes in blood sugar. 

With the holidays approaching, it is especially important to be mindful of healthy blood sugar practices because we may be consuming more of our favorite treats made with added sugar. Today, we will share with you five simple tips to make your holiday season a bit healthier! 

5 Food / Lifestyle Tips To Support Blood Sugar During The Holiday 

1. Swap your sugar for Purecane

You do not have to give up all your favorite holiday recipes in order to manage your blood sugar! Purecane is an excellent swap for regular sugar because it is sugar-free, calorie-free, does not impact blood sugar levels, contains no artificial chemicals, and tastes great! It’s genuinely the perfect healthy addition for all your baking needs!

2. Pre and post-meal movement

Cozy and comforting meals may lead to you feeling sluggish. This is why we love going on walks and exercising before or after our holiday meals! Exercise can increase insulin sensitivity making it easier for your cells to do their job!

3. Enjoy a little “me” time

The holiday season can be a stressful time. Stress can decrease your immune system and even cause a rise in blood sugar levels. Find moments in your day to do things that help you relax, such as meditation, being in nature, taking a bath, or enjoying some fresh air and sunshine! 

4. Add in more fiber foods

Consuming foods rich in fiber means your meals will be broken down slower in the body leading to a gradual rise in blood sugar levels rather than a sudden spike. Dice up various veggies to add to your holiday favorites, or start the day with warm oatmeal and fruit!

5. Keep your snacks balanced

Snacking often occurs more around the holiday season, which means it’s important to make sure those snacks contain protein, healthy fats, and fiber—consuming protein, fiber, and fat simultaneously as carbohydrates can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full for longer! For example, enjoy veggies and crackers with hummus or a handful of nuts and seeds!


Have a happy and healthy day!


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