The 4-Step Holiday Detox Guide

The 4-Step Holiday Detox Guide

The Holidays are a fantastic time of year to surround yourself with friends, family, warm drinks, and tasty food. However, after all the celebration starts to die down, it can leave you feeling less than your best. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get your body back in tip-top shape, depending on what you put in it. The Purecane team shares four of our favorites: natural foods that work with your body to detox your way back to taking on the new year with gusto!

1. Start your day with oatmeal!
If you’re feeling the Holiday bloat, oatmeal is an excellent, natural diuretic and can help release extra water in your body. It goes well with chopped-up bits of your favorite selection of fruit. The best way to top off this bowl of goodness is to sprinkle PURECANE BROWN SWEETENER for a sweet kick with zero calories!

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2. Cleanse yourself with matcha!
Feel like you had a few too many cocktails and need to flush it out? Matcha contains high levels of catechin polyphenols (AKA healthy plant chemicals) that help stop toxins from recirculating in your system. Try our SUGAR-FREE MATCHA LATTE to help detox in a healthy and tasty way!

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3. Sprinkle in some chia seeds!
Chia seeds are a wonderful source of soluble fiber, which helps keep your digestive system healthy and working properly. This diverse seed is easy to add to smoothies, yogurt, drinks, and more. We recommend our delicious CHIA JAM to top your fave toast or biscuit!

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4. Turn up the turmeric!
Since the Holidays coincide with flu season, it’s essential to focus on your body’s immunity defense as well! This ancient Indian spice is a powerhouse of antioxidants that help cleanse your body of toxins and boost your immune system. Jumpstart your detox with our GOLDEN MILK LATTE that has a healthy dose of turmeric!

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Have a happy and healthy day!

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