What Does Your Smoothie Choice Say About You?

They say you are what you eat -- well in this case… drink! That’s why we’ve pulled together this handy guide for all you smoothie lovers out there. Keep reading to better understand what your smoothie preference says about you!

Pro tip: For anyone who likes their smoothie with a little extra SWEETness, we suggest adding one Purecane Packet into your smoothies for an extra boost of sugar-free sweetness!

Green Goddess Smoothie

If your smoothie of choice is a green smoothie, you’re a nature-loving yogi! You care what goes into your body, but you don’t sacrifice taste for health. Try adding some kale into your next green smoothie. It’s loaded with Vitamin K and Vitamin C, so it’ll keep you healthy and strong all year long!


Açaí Smoothie

If your favorite smoothie is jam-packed full of antioxidant-rich berries, then you’re a motivated go-getter. Sneak some spinach into your next smoothie (we promise you won’t taste it) and you’ll add some much-needed iron into your diet.


Mermaid Smoothie

Blue smoothie fanatics are easy-going and as cool as a cucumber! You tend to go with the flow, which your friends and family LOVE you for. Just remember not to sacrifice your needs for others. Next time, try adding in some blue spirulina for some added detoxification (and just because of the beautiful pop of color it adds!)


Tropical Smoothie

If you love pineapple and mango in your smoothie, then you’re the life of the party. We recommend replacing water for coconut water so you can pretend you’re sipping your smoothie on a beach in paradise, all while getting electrolytes. Fun fact: Pineapple may help speed up recovery after an intense workout!


Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry banana lovers are adventurous and fearless. People may underestimate you, but ignore the haters. Hint: Add some extra ice and turn your smoothie into a healthy and refreshing nice-cream!

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