Homemade No Sugar Added Apple Butter Recipe (Small Batch)

Homemade Apple Butter (Small Batch)

Apple-solutely the tastiest spread you’ve ever had. A blend of smooth, crisp, sweet apples paired with warm, rich flavor makes this butter the perfect additive to any breakfast dish or fall-inspired charcuterie plate! Bonus: it’s super easy to make. Just combine the ingredients in your slow cooker and leave it to cook. Fall leaves are falling, Autumn treats are calling.
By Lisa of @BeautyByBenz
Prep 10m
Cook 4h
Total 4h10m
Serve 12


Homemade Low Sugar Apple Butter Recipe (Small Batch)


  1. Peel, slice and core your apples. 
  2. Place all your ingredients in the slow cooker and stir to combine.
  3. Cook mixture on high for 4 hours. When it’s almost done (wait until at least 3- 3 ½  hours) use a hand mixer or the back of a fork to mix all the ingredients into a mashed, jam-like consistency. 
  4. You can enjoy right away, or refrigerate in a mason jar for up to a week. 
  5. Serve with any breakfast treat and enjoy!